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Muscadine or Muskydime Grapes...Either Way, They're Addictive

Dscf2822Being from the South, muskydime (the proper spelling is muscadine, but my little ears always heard MUSKY DIME) is a word that I've heard my entire life; muskydime grape perserves were always rolling around somewhere in the house and really, I just love the word.  A few weeks ago, I was home in TN and my parents had this gigantic bowl full of huge grapes out for snacking.  It's always about, "What are we snacking on?" every time I go home and I just thought these grapes were awesome.  So big and plump, just soaking in a big bowl of water (I guess so little gnats don't eat 'em up), ready to be tore into.  They're funny little grapes because the minute you pop them in your mouth, you bite into the skin, slurp the actual interior out (it's really slimy) and even with the big hard seeds, let that whole loose ball slide right down your throat.  No chewing, no nothing.  And, you're left with this somewhat bitter skin to toss about with your tongue and eventually, I just spit that part out.  My parents the whole thing, skin and all, but I just like playing with the skin in my mouth.  I could literally chew on one for hours.  I guess that's kinda gross~whatever, though.  I've never seen these up here in Chicago, so it's just another thing to do while I'm home, chillin' with a grape skin.


Tim Reeder

he he he you heard musky dime too.I spelled it Muskee dime.I found a tree on the Ocoee one day.Spent a few hours chomping and collecting for some home made wine....what a great grape it is!

Della West

the musky dimes I'm familier with are not ripe until the first frost and they are dark purple. I've never eaten a green one before.


Me and my best freind/ neighbor, Laura, and her 8 year old sister, Rachel, picked some Wendsday, they were so good! It was the first time lil Rach had muskie dimes she loved them.
i <3 muskie dimes!

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They're funny little grapes because the minute you pop them in your mouth, you bite into the skin, slurp the actual interior out (it's really slimy) and even with the big hard seeds, let that whole loose ball slide right down your throat.

perry mcmillan

the grape we had in northeast texas,(dekalb) were green until ripe, at which they were black and very sweet but had a white spot where the stim was,,,could this be anothe type of grape the we called muscadine ?????

Beverly Lozano

We just picked a few bags of muskydimes in TN last weekend. They were growing on an arbor like grapes (we went under the structure to pick the loaded vines). Jim (owner) said you need a cutting from the vine to start your own plant. Mom made a cobbler with them and it was fabulous!!! I love the jelly too.

Jerry Lee

Hi I`am looking for a muscadime wine recipe
and direction on how to make muscadime wine
that will be a sweet wine.I have a good supply in my state of Tenn
J Lee

James Odom

I have had them all my life, like them over grapes. also had the wine, great and fun to make. I tried to grow from the seeds from a wild vine but no luck yet. maybe the people from Florida can tell me if u can buy the seeds or grow from wild vines from the woods.

Lisa Maggard

I also heard it as musky dimes. I eat them the same way you do. I love visiting my parents house, standing under the vine and eating and spitting until my heart's content. My Dad always tells me I eating too many and I'll have a stomache ache. I always tell him it will be worth it. I am so looking forward to next week. The muscadines will be ripe.


Wow, I could have written that post myself! That is exactly how I used to eat em! I found your blog by searching "musky dimes" in a fit of nostalgia. We always went up into the woods to pick them back in Alabama, and some people made pies with the skins, but I loved the jelly best. There was also a smaller wild grape, I forget what we called them, maybe they were scupernongs.
Muscadines grow on a vine.
I think the commenter talking about fruit that fell from a tree is referring to persimmons which weren't fit to eat until after frost and they fell off the tree.
Thanks for blogging about that...

Marvin Joshua

There was a tree in my grandmother's front yard that had this fruit my grandmother called musky dime. She would let them fall and gather for preserves. I loved that jelly. I always thought it was just a very rare tree but now I see that there was a vine growing in that tree. I would like to try the wine someday.




Thanks so much for the link to your spot. I would love to get my hands on some of that wine for my parents. Do you guys sell it?

Sonny Vergara

My wife, Pam, and I have started a muscadine vineyard in Hernando County Florida. We're doing it because one day she mused that having a vineyard might be nice. We now have about 330 vines and this summer we were able to produce about 55 gallons of muscadine wine. You can find our blog site at Come visit the site and send us a comment. Your apparent ancestral appreciation of the muscadine grape is what prompted this note. I thought our little story might be of interest. Let us hear from you.

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