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Baja Fish Tacos Found in LA

Img_0948A couple of weeks ago, I was out in LA for work and happened to have a severe taste for Baja fish tacos.  Of course, I had no time to swing down across the border, but I did happen to find this little gem locally in Los Angeles.  Hole Mole is a tiny fast-food style fish shack out near Long Beach that has fried fish tacos EXACTLY the way they are made down on the Sea of Cortez--battered and crispy; slightly sweet and flaky; delicious and covered in crema.  I had three of them with some beans and rice and could hardly walk after, but it definitely took care of my violent, cave-man-like craving.  There used to be a place here in Chicago that served them the same way, but they closed down due to lack of business (being on the far south side in no man's land didn't help)...but I'm telling you if someone took a chance and opened up a Baja Fish Taco Joint (and literally, called it that) in a walkable 'hood in Chi, it would be an instantaneous hit~


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