Taste Quest Rogers Park {Article I did for this weeks Time Out Chicago}--YUM!!
Romanian Sausage Company and the Perfect Polish Sausage

Target Sandwiches and Boat Goodies

Img_1406Who knew Target had such amazing sandwiches.  Last week, my mechanic Tim brought some onto the boat (he says you have to get them from a superstore) and me, Lis and B mowed on them...after tooling around the marina in my dinghy.  I just got a cool little electric motor that makes no noise and I love sneaking up on boats and checking out their setup.  I've actually been getting all sorts of things for the boat lately. A fantastic 20 watt flexible solar panel by Powerfilm (ordered at Outlaw Camping), so I can recharge my batteries without the engine and I just plunked down the dinero for the Garmin 545s (with transducer) GPS unit.  That thing is so bad ass.  It has all this satellite imagery (especially of marinas) that is totally unbelievable on the eyes.  It cost a ton of dough, but in the end, I think it will be worth it.  Also just got a CD/stereo that is ipod compatible with XM radio and a remote...which is very handy.  Next up are a bimini and a dodger and some teak.  You gotta think cosmetics, too, you know?  Next week, I'm planning on staying on the boat the entire week. Just to test it out for longer term comfort...Right now on the agenda, though, is heading over to the Celebrate Clark St. Festival a few blocks from my place.  We're volunteering at the beer tent for a spell (no, I do not drink beer)...now, a rum tent might get me into trouble!


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