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Bahia Concepcion: Palapa for Sale--CHEAP!

Img_2220Up and down the stunning Sea of Cortez are palapas just like this one.  Expats come down, get a taste of the cheap good life and never want to leave, so what they do is build a little palapa--either freestanding or around their motorhome.  This adorable one,  which is for sale (29k), is in the Playa Arena area in Bahia Concepcion (it's about 12 miles south of Mulege).  It's one of the best I've looked at and I almost bought it myself.  It sits back a little bit from the crystal blue beach and has an open kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a living room and a breathtaking view.  The little strip of beach is protected by a small gate and guard who lives on the property and there are about 15 other palapas directly lining the beach.  The best, though---it's all solar!  I just love it and if you want the email of the couple who is selling it, lemme know...but, keep in mind, you never own the land on this particular property--just the structure.  This type of deal is seen up and down the coast, so its wise to do some research. But, man...the more I write about it, the more I just want it!
*The photos below are of the view from the palapa and the beach it is on...just amazing.




It has not been sold yet. Go to and click on real estate, where you will find this listing and many others in the Baja region. It is a steal, for sure!


has this palapa been sold yet, if so, how much, if not, are owner's interested in offers still??

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