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Trailer Park Living in Mexico


Life in a small trailer park in Mexico is pretty much the coolest thing ever.  It's cheap; you've got built-in friends with similar attitudes about life; there's free crazy fast wi-fi; and it's central to everything in  SMA.  I've parked Yatz right under a tree and really just couldn't be more pleased with my set up--I hear the church bells go off a gazillion times a day and there's some rock solid fried veggie tacos at the end of my street.  What more could I ask for? 

The RV camp (which holds about 12 compact RV's) is surrounded by a giant stone wall and is flanked by a couple of very busy tennis courts...I had no idea people played so much tennis...it's nuts!  The fellas who work on the grounds couldn't be nicer (always watering the flowers or working on some sort of construction project)...plus, someone comes by every few days to pick up laundry (mine was $4 and was turned around the same day) and the showers are hot...with better water pressure than my place in Chicago.  And, THEN...the best part is--I can just pick up and leave any time I want--creating a new homebase on any patch of land I deem worthy.  Pretty neat, eh?  And, how I pulled my trailer thru that red gate in the dark on such a small cobblestone street I will never know.









Now this is clearly a great dialogue on this focus on this webpage.
I'm going to go through the other posts.


Do you travel full time? My husband and I have a vintage teardrop trailer and plan to traveil when I retire in May. I never thought of Mexico. Where exactly is this little town?


do you have water sewer electric and near by gas ? I live in Nederland
colorado and want out of the cold climate what do you do with your time?
where is this place where you live can I be of any help?


do you have water sewer electric and near by gas ? I live in Nederland
colorado and want out of the cold climate what do you do with your time?
where is this place where you live can I be of any help?


What a gorgeous trailer, and a great story!

Shane C.

The trailer life is way cool. Unfortunately, here in the U.S., every trailer park or RV park I came across has a requirement that the trailer not be older than ten years. Its such a joke to be here. If I had a fully restored vintage trailer, that would not qualify for a spot in America. More reasons to be an expat..


Did you also go over to Guanajuato? I'd hate to drive there, but it's a beautiful place. I stayed there a while and considered living in San Miguel, but there was one drawback: too many Americans like me. . . .

Michael Janzen

WOW. Very cool story of lifestyle change... sounds like a dream come true for those that can get past the consumerism baggage we all carry around with us. Good therapy too. More power to you!


Yep, I am a single woman and I hauled this little 14 ft. trailer thru Mexico all alone. Not a single problem!!!

The monthly fee in San Miguel de Allende is $315 and that included free wi-fi, hookups, etc...

I have left my trailer in Mex (in SMA) for a few months til I finish up a job in LA, but plan on grabbing her this summer and continuing all the way to Panama.

Do it! You will not regret it, I promise you.


Did you pull this trailer through Mexico? and are you a single woman?

What is the monthly parking fee?

Are you planning on living in Mexico full time in your trailer?

I am considering retiring to Mexico and am thinking of buying a travel trailer to live in.

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