T is for Twelve Minutes from LAX
V is for Very Close Now - a Floating Home Update

U is for Useful Things My Dog Has Taught Me


U is for Useful Things My Dog Has Taught Me

Minka has easily become the most important - most present - element in my life.  She's by my side at all times - living the same little adventure that make up my days - but she's got her own special spin on it. 

Here's a few things that I've picked up from this very social, very happy pup.  She's just so neat.

1.  When someone you care about is hurt, race to their rescue.

2.  Never hesitate to coze down when there is a soft blanket nearby.

3.  Begging gets you nowhere (and is actually quite unattractive) - but if you stand by quietly and be a good girl, you will get treats.

4.  IF you have an itchie, an owie, or any sort of general ailment - address it immediately.

5.  Stretch like maddddd before even getting out of bed.

6.  Never fear the ocean.  Water feels so, so good on the body.

7.  Learn a few tricks and you just might get somewhere in life.  (Mouse can roll over, sit, lay and shake).

8.  When out and about, stop and smell some flowers now and again.

9.  Stick close to those you love - they will always take care of you.

10.  Happily greet every stranger you see.  It may be exhausting, but sometimes you might make a new friend.










They are amazing beings, aren't they? xo

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