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Minka Goes To Baja - For Baja Bound

My Floating Home - Land of a Billion Projects

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How am I supposed to get a thing done in this world when there are tomatoes to roast, plants to prune, so many mags to rage thru, boats to watch, floors to sweep, wine to drink, chile oil to make, soups to conjure up, lists to make, ideas to hatch, stretches to do, trips to take, trucks to clean, shows to shoot and all that good stuff. 

Yet - here we are.  I'm about to freak on Floor 3 of Flo the next little space of time and in the meantime, the inside is looking good! 

I managed to make it to Tulum for a cooking workshop at Hartwood (and managed a quick trip to Isla Mujeres); I still haven't said a peep about the jungle Belize journey; and the trip I just took to Baja was epic (scouting for a TV show and a new 4WL location) - which I do believe has been found!

More soon on all of those, but in the meantime - time for a Sunday afternoon marg.  I will never really tire of them...

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As they say in Mexico, you've got the rest of your life to get all that done. STOP and enjoy life - the rest isn't important!

The place looks great!

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