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A Bit About Why I Never Post Anymore

A quick update from God Knows Where...

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Trust me, I have no idea why I can't post

something awesome every single day. 

I've been all over the place this past year (Minka has been to Mexico 8 times for gods sake)...but it's like I'm in a vortex of some kind.  Damn near impossible to tear away from these 2 shows I'm editing...obsessing over...BUT the good news is, they are literally days away from being done and done and let's all say a little prayer that they GO OUT FRESH N SOLID in the new year!

Now - Loreto.  Stole down there not only for my 40th b-day but also to edit uninterrupted except for fish tacos, SUP'ing, Minka chasing kites, horrific amounts of maragaritas, loads of ceviche and and lots and lots of beach walks.  I just love it there, especially the houses in Loreto Bay.  It's like a little village in the Med but on the Sea of Cortez instead. 

I promise (and I know I say this every time) that I am going to get back HAWD on the tooth.  There is simply so much to share - tons of cool travel, secret scores, insane food, road trippin, doggie finds, etc...I just gotta get back to it!

I'm currently in TN after an epic food and dog adventure road trip thru every major storm the US has seen this winter season.  Finishing up the editing, drinking delish wines from the cool wine shop on the mountain, making lots of good food (Lisa's spaghetti is insane), watching Minka fall in love with my parents dog, and just simply enjoying finishing up these shows and getting ready for a road trip back out west. 

Let me just put it this way, I love the south and I finally made it to Fairhope, AL and Ocean Springs, MS - both of which are adorable and perfect coastal towns!

OK - back to work, but just a touch of Mex makes everyone's day!


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