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January 05, 2014



Oh yes, I can totally relate. Why is it that some of us (you know who you are!) yearn to, as you say MST, start all over again just as soon as we have our perfect little homes????
I think its because there are just too darn many 'other' wonder-full places to live and just not enough time. xo


It is a SWEET little gem such as Yelapa and Chacala in Mexico.

I remember the first time I drove through there and went, "Aaaah" Haven't been back, unfortunately, for years.
An author, that you might like to look up, Rick Bragg, wrote a piece on Fairhope that made me yearn to live there. He's a good write and story teller who has written several books.

Mike Wilson

Awesome! We are headed down in February staying for a week over at Buccaneer St. Park over in Waveland, MS so if you have any more suggestions would love to hear them!

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