My Floating Home - Land of a Billion Projects

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How am I supposed to get a thing done in this world when there are tomatoes to roast, plants to prune, so many mags to rage thru, boats to watch, floors to sweep, wine to drink, chile oil to make, soups to conjure up, lists to make, ideas to hatch, stretches to do, trips to take, trucks to clean, shows to shoot and all that good stuff. 

Yet - here we are.  I'm about to freak on Floor 3 of Flo the next little space of time and in the meantime, the inside is looking good! 

I managed to make it to Tulum for a cooking workshop at Hartwood (and managed a quick trip to Isla Mujeres); I still haven't said a peep about the jungle Belize journey; and the trip I just took to Baja was epic (scouting for a TV show and a new 4WL location) - which I do believe has been found!

More soon on all of those, but in the meantime - time for a Sunday afternoon marg.  I will never really tire of them...

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Hands Down, The Best Sandwich I've Ever Made


Sunday's are my crazy day. 

All hell breaks loose in the kitchen, every home project is in a half state of completion, various new cocktail concoctions flow all the live long day, and I'm just generally a happier person once I get home from the farmers market and can just wile away the day. 

I tend to pull all the old from the fridge, combine it with all the new and draft up some new things to munch on.  I start out with the best of intentions - maybe something REAL healthy...but after one rye drink, the condiments pop out and the world is a mayo/homemade chili oil fest.

This sandwich I whipped up last Sunday literally took our breath away in its simplicity and deliciousness.  The toasted ciabatta was slathered with butter before being tossed in the broiler, then both sides layered with incredibly generous amounts of Kraft mayo.  The tuna I made about an hour beforehand was the good stuff - the kind that is poached in olive oil in a little glass jar.  I mixed it up with capers, fresh parsley, lemon juice, tiny bits of celery and rosemary infused feta cheese.  Once that was plopped on a mayo rich piece of bread, it was topped with sliced hard boiled egg, slivered red onion, sliced cucumber, fresh basil and a generous lug of the chile oil.

This is the sandwich that legends are built around. 

Now - the shrimp & cauliflower pasta on the other hand.  Delish in its own gluten free pasta/I love tumeric way...but don't you know it was even better cold the next day with guess what?  A boatload of mayo and some fire-like chili oil.

What does your Sunday hold?  Mine is just starting!














V is for Very Close Now - a Floating Home Update

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V is for Very Close Now...a FLO update.

The final stages of the Floating Home remodel are happening right now and I finally move in this coming weekend!  I mean, holy moly.What an undertaking! 

I can't wait to show some of the cool stuff that I integrated into the boat (wine hatch that opens to the sea, french doors, soapstone counterop, rooftop day bed, custom pretty much everything, hidden storage, casement windows, reclaimed pickled floors, stair rails made of recycled scrap metal, additional master bath, 1920's French farmhouse dutch door, etc...) - and really just move back onto my own vessel, sleep in my own bed and unpack somewhere.  Just make some good, homemade food for the love.

I'm currently down in Baja - been traipsing this whole peninsula for the past few weeks as the finishers did their final tweaks and I migrate north in a few days.  Internet has been spotty, but there is much to share from this magical land as well.

A billion updates to come about the continuing saga that is FLO and all my upcoming projects.  

But, first - I'll be heading to town soon as my fave little restaurant opens for a hit of French rose and giant pile of grilled shrimp.  MMMM....







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F is for Flo Bo


F is for Flo Bo.

Which is shorthand for floating boat.  It's what I live on.  It's what I'm currently remodeling.  It's why I'm writing this from a tiny hotel 350 miles from LA.  I am on the make - headed north - to grab the Airstream cause I just wonder - when will I have the opportunity again to live in the Malibu RV Park?  Of course I could live there anytime - but right now, after living on the sailboat, in hotels, on the road, in a sublet, at my pal Lisa's, and pretty much anywhere I could score a good night of shut eye - I just need a little more space and it seems to make sense.  Funny - space now means a 23' travel trailer.  And, it feels luxe.

Meanwhile - loopin' back through some old pix, I see these of the Flo and think, Oh!  Guess that shit was cute even before I ripped her to shreds and uprooted my life and my Keetsa bed and decided to redo her top to bottom.  Even before I tossed everything into storage and decided to basically live out of my truck. Thank God I discovered this Rip Curl luggage.  Easy to tote, light as a feather and so, so tidy.

I just know that in a few weeks the beast will be done.  It has to be done.  Toss on some paint, throw in some soapstone, hook up some appliances, tie in some lighting and let's call it a day.  I want my mind free from it all.  So I can get inspired again.  So I can open up a new avenue of thought again.  It will be a real, real blissful day when the super-fly 1920's Dutch door from France gets installed.  And, it's all locked up tight and a new day begins.


End of October Flo Update...


Turns out, the pilot house is going to be the spot to be...

We had to rebuild it, it was so rotted.  The highest 360 degree view on any vessel in the marina.  Wow.  I'll have a little bar up there, with windows that open outward.  A bookcase that flips up and creates a ledge for drinks on the inside, a full bar on the EXT.  Wraparound planters, with all sorts of vegetables on tap.  The light will be insane, let me finally get something done there, I beg of you**

I love the winder stairs on each floor - small, compact and a huge upgrade from a ladder.  A full bathroom on floor 2, where the bedroom is.   We built out Floor 1 - just in the front and a fireplace will go there.  I've picked all the int/ext colors.  The pickled floor is on the make.  All appliances are being delivered in a week and my cabinet/soapstone counter guy is jamming to get them done in time.  
All oil rubbed bronze fixtures have been chosen and are being custom made - most stressful 4 hours of my life; and there is only 1 more lighting fixture to find - it's the one that goes over the stove (wouldn't be so hard if I didnt HATE canned lights).  The rest of the lights (36 total, with 17 being different) are all on order and on their way to Marina del Rey.  
All windows should be in next week, and I guess I'm just planning the first big meal I'm gonna make!  Some sort of giant pot of stew sounds about right.
In a week or so, this place will look totally dif...slowly but surely, it's all happening.  :)




Things I've Yet to Speak Of...


There is so much to share, it's sick.

A whole trip up north through Marin County exploring the backroads and chowing on seafood galore.  Best biscuits and gravy ever...until it was topped by the goods at The Old Place in Agoura Hills.  My fave Sunday chillax spot in Santa Monica - where the oatmeal is unrivaled.  The growth spurt of little girl Minka + all her fave spots in the world.  The progress of the remodel on FLO and moving her over to a work slip as we start to close it up and get into detail work (oddly seamless). Sausilito in all her glory. 

And so much will all come out this week on The Tooth.








Floating Homes Are Everywhere...


See, mine isn't that special!

I caught sight of this perfect little floating home when I was last in Indo.  I was on the fast boat from Bali to Lombok, headed to 4th World Love.  I happened to glance out the window as we flew by this quaint home and was entranced.  What would it be like to live on a floating home?

How funny I would think that - wonder that - ponder even for a second cause guess what?  I ALREADY DO LIVE ON A FLOATING HOME!  How could I even forget that?   Even while I'm transplanted from the FLO for the remodel, I'm living on my sailboat, and guess what?  It floats too!

I guess I'm having the best summer ever.  Stressful as it is, I've done some major traveling; I'm getting to know my sailboat way better by actually living/cooking/drinking/chilling on it.  I'm watching the FLO pull together and it's beyond exciting (the new pilot house just went up and new windows go in soon; super cool floating stairs are being built and my contractor is just awesome).  

I've not grocery shopped much - more like used up my CSA farm share each week, eating out, trying new dishes all the time.  There was a recent heat wave in MRD, which prompted me to migrate north for a bit. I've never been past San Francisco, so I headed there - fell in love with Tomales Bay & Point Reyes area.  Ate my body weight in clam chowder.  Drank barrels of wine; even joined a few clubs.  Half Moon Bay is the perfect little beach town and Pasta Moon (amazing Italian restaurant) brought me back 2 nights in a delicious row.

The rest of this little summer shall be spent working on a new TV show, finishing up FLO (should be done around my b-day!), and getting life MAJORLY organized.  I'm planning to bounce south of the border in the airstream soon after the new year...and planning for that must commence as well!

Anyhow - that's the ups for now...

Quick Update on the Flo Bo Situation

Flo White

Funny what a shade of white can do to a room. 

Check out the before and after of the front room of FLO after a basic coat of white paint.

Basically, while I was in Indo, I had a pal slap on a rudimentary coat of parchment colored paint all over the front room.  (PS - that hatch in the floor, I could fish out of if I wanted to, or scuba dive :) - anyway, I just wanted to see how white brightened the dated look of the Flo Bo.  What a dif.  It's like it bleeds out into the horizon/abyss with the masts of the other sailboats.  It was a simple test before I begin a simple remodel.

Yah - that's the news.  The AWESOME design I did for the revamp of the FLO was all for naught.  I would have to haul the Flo out of the water to do it and it will be outrageously expensive and not only that, no yard can take it.  It's too big.  The level of work to be done is just too, too much to do in the slip.  C'est la vie.

So - I took a breather.  Had a cocktail x 10 and regrouped 1/2 way across the world.  This is how all good things come to pass.  I'm gonna spend way less money, figure out that simple things I can do in the slip - (new floors, new windows, paint job, change railing, build new bathrooms, change all furniture out, new kitchen - lots of INT stuff and then really assess the EXT and what simple tweaks I can make to make it more ME).  Not what I originally wanted to, but it will give me the funky little beach shack that is a perfect drop off spot for me and my life til I buy some land, but a proper house and get a goat and a garden.

I have the next few months to play with all this and I cant wait to get into it and just have fun with what I'm able to do.  I'll keep posting about all the updates and tweaks - but I think this way A/ I will spend way, way less and B/ it will have much more character.  Plus, now I can buy the airstream for what I was gonna spend on the Flo.  Need that added to my moving cadre of insanity.  I miss my Mexico days with my little 14' solar trailer!

And, guess what, I will still end up with a kick ass little joint that makes me happy.  Garden on top.  Highest 360' view in the marina on a floating vessel.  And, best of all AFFORDABLE.  Freedom means more to me right now than, life is good!

Also - some stuff coming soon on the Enola (my 36' Magellan/Chung Hwa ketch) - it's in the yard right now - just got a killer new paint job, new prop and about to install a new radar set up.  Moving along on that one - plus with the new canvas.  NICE.

FLo dark

J.R. Organics CSA - I Can Finally Join...


I just don't wanna go anywhere for a good, long spell...

Bottom line is - I'm home.  I can join a CSA.  Which means that every Sunday, I can roll into the Mar Vista Farmers Market and pick up my full share of organic food.  A big huge box full of all kinds of fruit and veggies for about $28 bucks.  $10 extra bones gets me a huge bushel of flowers (of my choice).  It's just heaven. When have I been able to commit to something like this in the past 3 years?  

And, when I've sorted my CSA, I can just mosey about the market and flush out the bounty from JR's and bring it all home to the soon-to-be remodeled FLOBO kitchen and go nuts.  Toss on some tunes, wash everything down.  Make soup.  I killed some Greek green beans today.  Chomp on blueberries.  Suck down a juicy strawberry.  Chat up the neighbors and plot and plan a billon recipes with fava beans.  Never cooked them before, but something big is gonna shake down this week.

What a brilliant way to spend a day.  Then, oh joy, then...I discovered an app called: Still Tasty.  It's a website, too, but for real - the app is insane.  Tells you how to store EVERYTHING proper and if you enter your goods, it sends you alerts like TIMES UP!  Meaning ditch those apples, sorry!  Best thing I've stumbled across in years.  Like, I knew the best way to keep basil fresh is snip bottoms, put in about an inch of water, cover with plastic bag and keep on counter (never put basil in fridge, it turns black and fross so fast).  Same steps go for mint - but who knew it should reside in the fridge not on the counter?  God, I just love it all.

Cannot wait for my new kitchen.  Guess what I really want is a restaurant)