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Pork Cooked in Lard~Need I Say More?

Dscn0675There is this tiny little restaurant on the south side of Chicago called La Michoacana and when you walk in, not only is the place packed with Mexican families chowing on huge platters of pork, there is this cute little butcher up front whacking away at tender, falling off the bone pork...that has only been cooked in LARD!  (He is also very generous with the samples, loading up a little paper boat with the juicy meat and just grinning away.)

The state of Michoacana in Mexico is renowned for their authentic way of cooking an entire pig in a huge vat (with nothing but lard) for hours and hours.  It is usually served up on a platter loaded down with melt-in-you-mouth pork, stacks of steaming tortillas and bowls of fresh limes.  For about $120 bucks, you can get a pan full of chopped pork, dripping in grease and it will feed 40 super-hungry people.  I know I have said it before, but I will say it again, I LOVE Mexicans!!!!!



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