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Sunny Los Angeles, California

Dock_in_laI know, I know---who can stand LA?  Ah, but there is a perfect part of LA that is honest-to-goodness paradise.  It's called South Bay and here's the deal.  About 14 miles south of Santa Monica is this little patch of heaven that is what everyone dreams of when they think about Southern California.  The area is right on the Pacific Ocean and is made up of super-cute little villages like Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach.  I happen to keep my sailboat in Redondo Beach at King Harbor is the best marina in Southern California and literally blows Marina del Rey away!  My boat is at the end of the dock and there is nothing like waking up there and being 2 seconds from the Pacific Ocean, as well as The Strand (beachfront path that runs for miles and miles---through Malibu).  Of course, I already need an upgrade on the boat (um....40'?) but even when I do that, I will absolutely keep my boat in the same location.  This area is just minutes from LAX (much needed, for a quick getaway!), and when you are there, you don't even remember the patches of severe depression that riddle Los Angeles. 


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