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Dscn0883I read a very informative article in the March 05 edition of Organic Style magazine touting the differences between the types of coffee that we drink.  I knew all about the differences in fair trade, shade grown, and organic coffee BUT what I didn't know was how bad conventional commercial coffee really is.  They say it's "one of the most chemically doused crops in the world" and the workers are paid pennies per pound for their work.  Good god.  Of course, I flew into an internal rage and starting researching alternatives to coffee all together.  I like the caffeine high that coffee gives me and  just the thought, the smell, the flavor, and the idea of it makes me happy in the morning.  But, come on--I can't be tossing all that crazy stuff into my system every day.  So, I discovered the black tea called Yerba Mate Tea.  I just ran on over to Whole Foods, bought a pound of it and have been drinking it like crazy ever since.  It has this slightly sweet, cocoa flavor and has all the punch of coffee without the crazy jitters and upset tummy that coffee can give you.  The Argentinians (the jungles of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay where the tree is harvested) treat this tea just like coffee and rarely add any sweetener to it, but of course, I add in a heaping spoonful of honey.  Most importantly, it has tons of health benefits and makes me happy in the a.m.  Coffee is out and mate is in, done and done.  Plus, look how beautiful it never looked this good!



They have this tea at Filter in Wicker Park, it weaned me offa caffeine and led to a new dark love.

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