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Contributing Editor For New Food Book

Maxinewlogohungry_2So, the Hungry City book series is finally making its way to Chicago and I have been chosen as one of the Contributing Editors for the Chicago edition (set to unveil this summer).  Very exciting stuff, because I get to revisit and remember all of my favorite places to eat...some that I had forgotten how much I loved.  Some that made my list are:
+Twisted Lizard
+Sweet Mandy B's
+Zephyr Cafe
+Burgundy Inn
+Chicago Diner
+Turquoise Cafe
As much as I adore all of these places (and frequent them far too much), I have just made a "loose" resolution to eat at as many new places as I can.  No more repeat business for a bit, because there is just too much happening in the food world in Chicago, and I need to try them all!!!


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