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Cooking My Way Through Saveur Magazine

Dscn0915_1Winter is definitely here and the only reprieve that I can consolidate my blues with is a fanatical cooking spree.  I've gathered up all my past 3-4 years of Saveur magazine (the best food  magazine out there, bar none) and I'm gonna pluck them from the stack one at a time, and just cook myself silly.  I'm longing for comfort food and this is the solution, for now.  The first magazine I've pulled is November 2004.  The recipes I've chosen to rock out are:

+Fasoladha (A Greek Bean and Vegetable soup)
+Fava (Puree of Yellow Split Peas)
+Llapingachos (Equadorian Potato Cakes)
+German Potato Salad
+Pizza di Patate (Potato Pizza)

Documentation is forthcoming; I can't wait~


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