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Irazu~Mindboggling Oatmeal Milkshakes

Dscn1135Irazu is a funky little Costa Rican joint on Milwaukee Ave. whipping up the most incredible oatmeal milkshakes that you've ever tried.  Though they won't give away the secret (of course), I have a sneaking suspicion that bad boy has a base of horchata (a milky Mexican drink made from rice & almonds).  They will cop to not using any ice cream at all, just 2% milk for the creamy, slightly icy consistency.  Sprinkled with cinnamon and loaded with tiny bits of ground oatmeal, this is one of the best treats going.  Seriously, who needs ice cream?



Thanks guys! I just had this shake again yesterday and it is still as mind-blowing as the first time I ever tasted it. Just plain 'ole delicious. Horchata as a mixer has to be the secret. They won't spill the goods~mst


That sounds delicious ... I am going to try and find something like it here in San Francisco. My favorite drink right now is similar ... a walnut licuado from a taco truck that a fantastic variety of milk based drinks.


Hi Misty - I love shakes! This one looks and sounds heavenly! I might even try to make myself...

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