Saveur #1~Fasoladha {Bean & Vegetable Soup)
Organic, Fair Trade Coffee~It Just Makes Sense!

New Article in Third Coast Press~on Organic Produce

Dscn0995This was a goody.  Kings Hill Farm, which I've ranted about many times before, definitely deserves this sort of exposure.  This article touts all of the magic of organic produce plus the sweet nature behind the farmer, Tom Ulick.  For the final research, I took an afternoon and went to lend a hand & helped get all of the produce prepared for its weekly distribution.  Not only did I have blast with the inner city crew, I renewed my membership to Kings Hill and just by being in the midst of all of that glorious fruit and veggies, I recommitted to the daily struggle to eat well.  People like Tom make it much easier to remember how lucky we are that we have a choice.  The March issue of 3rd Coast Press is all over the city right now.


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