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Onion Rings: The Real Kind

Dscn1312Take it as a know, the 'ole septic tank needs cleaning and what does the Roto Rooter guy spew out as I was giving him a blow by blow description of the meal I'd just wolfed down from Waycrazy's (BBQ joint on the mountain I call home in TN)? 
He tells me that if I want good onion rings (the ones I'd just had at Waycrazy's blew), then I gotta head to Nikki's Drive-Thru down in North Chattanooga.  He claimed they served the best in town, made from real onions, not the freeze dried junk that most places sling in oil.  'Nuff said.
I just happened to roll past at about 10 p.m. and whaddayaknow?  Still open, ready to make some rings.
They were crispily delicious, not too oniony and the perfect price:  less than $3 bucks.  Doused in ketchup and just very, very lightly fried (almost tempura-style), I must say I was quite impressed.  Next time I'm there, I'm gonna have to order up a platter of the fried shrimp the praise on the wall's claims Nikki is famous for.  But seriously, as a side could you not serve dessert?  You're the ultimate diner.  Get with the big sweet tooth, you know?


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