New Article in Third Coast Press~on Organic Produce
Fatcake to Produce New TV Show~Tracking Expats

Organic, Fair Trade Coffee~It Just Makes Sense!

Dscn1016I'm putting together a new story for next month's issue of Third Coast Press about Organic/Fair Trade Coffee and my primary slant is a local organization called Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.  They have something called the Coalition Cafe (the Coffee Project) where they are the local distributors for coffee from fair trade farmers in Nicaragua, Mexico and Guatemala.  They happen to sell the delicious coffee all over town, at farmers markets and on-line.  Just support them...all the "teeny" amounts that they make off the coffee goes right back into the organization and helps support the homeless.  It's a wonder that EVERYONE doesn't just buy fair trade/organic coffee (not much more expensive, tastes far superior, helps out the migrant farmers and just plain better for you!)  The fascinating Coordinator of The Coffee Project is a dapper & charming fella named Larry (formerly homeless, as well) and he was once a member of the Black Panthers...funny how life brings you back around, yeah?  I'm just so impressed with the dedication, enthusiasm and support this "unknown" organization has for giving back. 


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