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Filming "Tracking Expats"

Moosejaw_mistyOver the past few weeks, I have been trailblazin' through Baja on an  incredible adventure.  Me and my crew from my production company, fatcake, have been filming the first installment of our new show, "Tracking Expats."  We've been rockin' up and down the sun-soaked peninsula, hunting down the incredible spirits that have chucked it all (or are in the process of doing do) and have moved on to a more dream-filled, affordable lifestyle in paradise.

Right now, we've set up shop at Baja Joe's, in La Ventana (smack on the brilliant Sea of Cortez).  It's one of the friendliest, most star-filled (so close you fill like you could reach up and snatch them out of the sky) expat villages we've run across on this zig-zagging journey. 

The folks trek to this place for the wind; it's all about the kite boarding. Then never seem to leave.  The laid back vibe just seems to soak into your skin and all the trappings of back home just simply wash away.  It'll be a shame to leave.  Ya never know, after a few margaritas and a kite lesson, I might not.

SIDE NOTE:  Here is some good press that has come out recently on fatcake and MUCHO GRACIAS to Moosejaw for sponsoring "Tracking Exapts."

More Chicago Raves: Eight to Try

Though all the Raving Dishes that I track down are awesome, I'm about to have to get hard-core back into some home cookin'!  Ya start with a simple vegetable and build around it.  Spring is here and good food is on the way~


Lebanese Veggies: fattoush, favas and baklava

Polish Carbs Galore:pierogis, blintzes and potato pancakes

Belly Up in Burritos:veggie burritos and oatmeal milkshakes

Afghan Eats: eggplant,  lentil soup and firny

Chocolatey Ice Cream Sundaes:  need I say more?

Investigating Indian:  spinach, potatoes and cauliflour

Greek Pizza Rules:  pizza by the Greeks=heaven!

Tres Leches Cake:  moist, milky and addictive

Tracking Expats in the Wilds of Baja

Baja2_5This tiny little slice of heaven is situated along the Sea of Cortez in the rugged wilds of Baja, Mexico.  Adventurous expats (some refer to themselves Snowbirds), load up a moho, stuff it with their gear and head down here for the winter.  They start small.  A rugged jeep perhaps.  Then they graduate to a moho.  Maybe, after a bit, they build a tiny palapa off the side of the motorhome.  Eventually, they buy a cheap piece of land (preferably on the water...I've seen land go from 5k-25k) and then do the same thing all over again.
They build a small home, start a business (kayak expeditions, charming cafes, language, yoga or sailing classes, art schools, etc...) and live in paradise for close to nothing.  Where do I sign up????
Their wild and crazy stories are the premise ot a new TV show my company, fatcake productions, is producing in a few weeks.  Stay tuned for dispatches.