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Tracking Expats in the Wilds of Baja

Baja2_5This tiny little slice of heaven is situated along the Sea of Cortez in the rugged wilds of Baja, Mexico.  Adventurous expats (some refer to themselves Snowbirds), load up a moho, stuff it with their gear and head down here for the winter.  They start small.  A rugged jeep perhaps.  Then they graduate to a moho.  Maybe, after a bit, they build a tiny palapa off the side of the motorhome.  Eventually, they buy a cheap piece of land (preferably on the water...I've seen land go from 5k-25k) and then do the same thing all over again.
They build a small home, start a business (kayak expeditions, charming cafes, language, yoga or sailing classes, art schools, etc...) and live in paradise for close to nothing.  Where do I sign up????
Their wild and crazy stories are the premise ot a new TV show my company, fatcake productions, is producing in a few weeks.  Stay tuned for dispatches.



This is a great and very interesting site. I stumbled across it while doing some research on google.

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