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Nieve~The Best Dessert in Mexico

Dscn1168Nieve (which means "snow" and is Mexico's version of sorbet) has turned into  the sort of treat that instills a severe longing for us while were here in Mexico.   It seems to be offered at stands and carts  all over the peninsula (you have to be careful, though, as some vendors let it sit so long the flavors become chalky), but the best I've had is at a tiny store in Mulege.  The charming woman who runs it makes all of the flavors from scratch and there is no dairy, no milk, no cream, no nothing in it (yet, it is still as creamy and delicious as ice cream).  After weeks on the road, to stop off in Mulege and order a cup of nieve (my favorites are pistachio, coffee and banana) is pure nirvana.  A recreation is definitely in order when I get home.



It looks so delicios and it is more healthy than ice cream! Someday I want to eat it when I visit Mexico.


Uhhh....I'm as trim and cute as ever. Thanks for caring, though.


Recreation indeed, MST. Gained a little weight there...

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