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Topkapi: Turkish Sweets in Full Force

Dscf0065After finishing up a delightful, zipper-busting meal at Topkapi, a funky, deserted Turkish restaurant on Peterson, I had to go a bit overboard and order yet another dessert.  I tried to deny it, but the moist little sponge cakes were screaming my name.  They'd been soaked in some sort of rose water and honey mixture (I could be way off, but that's what I'm guessing) and were all light and fluffy.  Of course, I don't know the name of them, but with a bit of Turkish tea (once again loaded with sugar cubes) out.  I tried to share, but it was full shove-down material.  My belly was in an uproar over it all night long, though....paybacks are hell, yeah?  By the way, it's real cute how I convince myself that I'm eating three tiny, adorable cakes when in reality, it's a full half-pound of straight sugary madness.  C'mon, mst....get real little girl.  Stop the sugar addiction already~


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