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Scooter's Concrete Snickers: Later DQ!

Bahia Concepcion: Sea of Cortez Goldmine

Dscn0368I'm headed out to LA this weekend and I think I'm finally going to take the plunge and sell my sweet little sailboat.  Though I love it dearly, I'm ready to move up to a bigger one anyway (I'm thinkin' 36') and even though my boat in LA is peace of mind for me in the brutal Chicago winters, so is Bahia Concepcion, one of my favorite places in all of Baja.  Earlier this year, my and my fatcake crew trekked up and down the whole peninsula shooting a TV show and this is where we ended the show.  I think I need a bigger boat AND a little trailer to attach to the back of my truck for the winter (a quick haul to Baja is better than LA anyday).  What is it with those Mexican folks?  Once they are in your soul, they ain't really leaving.  (p.s. It's only a couple bucks a day to camp here on the Sea of Cortez and in many places, it's free.  I love truck camping here; Oh, the stories I have for that one.)


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