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A Sweet Little Cottage in Michigan

Dscf2676I've always wondered what it would be like to own a cute little cottage in Michigan,  so this past weekend, after seeing a house for sale ad on craigslist, I hauled up to a tiny town near South Haven to check out a place.  Very cute, indeed.  It was really adorable, set back on a country road, surrounded by blueberry fields, picket fences and a backyard full of apple trees.  I was just sitting on the front porch, listening to the neighbors chickens squawk and imagining that I owned the place.  EEEEEEEE!!!!!  Michigan?  No, no, no....that's not right.  What, am I settling down?  Who needs a country home in Michigan when there's the whole entire world to gallop around? And, besides that, I love the city. When I left there (and I felt like I spent hours pretending), I was delighted that I'd struck yet another location off the on-going Misty List of places to Live.  I'm always in a constant state of motion with that one and 'til I find the place (I have a feeling it ain't in the USA), then I'll just keep plottin', plannin' and pretendin'~


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