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Dscf2973_1Right now, in the frenzy of the work day, I could really use a Bosnian coffee.  I stopped drinking coffee earlier this year, but sometimes I really need mate, no tea, no Bull.  Just straight up un-filtered, piping hot Bosnian coffee....with the tiny cubes of sugar rocks that come along side it.  Ilidzanka, a tiny hole-in-the-wall on Lawrence has a great version and I love the place.  Small, unassuming, deserted...right up my alley.  They have decent chevapi, which could be made better if they didn't microwave the fantastic made-in-house-daily bread.  Why microwave it?  Just bizzare.  Back to the is some of the best; meaning it could stop traffic, and if I'm gonna have some, this is the type I'm craving.  I love being all wired and jamming out all the days duties in an hour flat. 


Dan Hall

Thanks for the tip, i'll be sure to check it out!

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