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Dscf2698_12Every Tuesday, Wishbone has this nifty little deal called Brinner.  All it really means is that they're rockin' some breakfast items (at breakfast prices) on the dinner menu.  Not too big a deal, but I must say I tried the french toast (plain, not with the cornflake crust) and I haven't stopped thinking about it since.  Wishbone has the perfect french toast, who knew?  Even better (sad to say) than Victory's Banner....
The cost was less than $6, and there were four thick brioche wedges, perfectly crisp and not too eggy, pats of already soft butter and not-too-thick (or sweet)  maple syrup. I never eat an entire order of french toast, but this time around, there wasn't a single drop left on the plate.
Back on Tuesday, then....


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