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La Finca: Ya had me at the chips

Caffe Effe: Bosnian Tuna Fish?

There are so many damn dives in Chicago, it would blow your mind.  Tonight, I was flying down Belmont Ave. (on my way to that Guatemala chicken hut chain Pollo Campero) and I wrote down over a dozen holes-in-the-wall that I need to try; from Hungarian to Vietnamese to Ecuadorian, they just didn't stop (I did boldly shriek the exclamation that I'm not going to eat at the same place twice for a very long time. Hmmmm....let's see how long that one lasts).
That being said, one of my favorite places to go back to and chill is Caffe Effe, this Dscf2715_1 little Bosnian restaurant on Montrose.  They have some of the very best tuna fish in the city (I'm always on a wild tuna hunt) that is served on this insanely delicious house-made, crumpet-like bread.  You'd think with the wait time (the place can be deserted and yet, still the 30 minute wait) that they filet and cook the tuna to order, but I don't know about that one (it's chock full of onions, mayon and tiny bits of celery and is very un-fishy).  They're also rockin' a delicious version of chevapi (tiny, delicious sausages), that I think about pretty friggin' often (it's between them and Memories Tavern on the chevapi, for sure). 
It's a BYOB, but really, the thing to drink is the rocket fuel coffee, especially the lattes.  You'd think you were in a back alley in Europe, wasting the day away with the vibe in here.  Caffe's right up my Chicago alley.


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