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Pollo Campero: Finger Lickin' Chicken

Dscf2931_1I've been hearing so much about Pollo Campero, the Latin-inspired chicken hut lately that I finally hauled out to see what all the fuss was about.  When I peeled into the parking lot (belly screaming), there was a full band playing in the parking lot (meanwhile, 9 pm on a Sunday night) and the line was almost out the door.  What is the damn deal with this chicken?
The place was packed with Latin American's ordering up platter after platter (though this is a fast food joint, they do use real plates and have a friendly host) of chicken, campero beans, cole-slaw, rice with peas, plantains, mashed potatoes, tortillas and biscuits.  I quickly followed suit. 
Everything was pretty good (maybe one step up from KFC) and the chicken was actually really good, with a spicy note to was made even better when doused with fresh lime, though.  Would I haul back?  I doubt it, but it's good to know about when you need a cheap meal to feed the masses (you could order everything on the menu and still be under $20)...
Side note:  They sell close to 17 tons of chicken per week.  That is almost freaky.  No, strike that.  It is full-on freaky.


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