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Dscf2811_21A few years ago, I filmed a foodie/adventure TV show in a tiny village in Mexico.  Me and my crew infiltrated a lovely little fishing village (Yelapa) and basically took over.  Not only did we consume hundreds upon hundreds of margaritas (it seemed), I learned how to make the local version of tortilla soup.  It is one of the easiest, best recipes I've learned to make and I don't know why I don't prepare it more often.  Alas, last week, I was home in TN and finally made it for my mom and dad.  It was totally delicious and they we're delighted to taste something that I haven't shut-up about since I've been back from Mex.
I'm going to keep it super-simple and rock out the recipe right here (Try it! You won't be disappointed):


1.  Grate a carrot
2.  Dice up one stalk of celery, one onion and 1/2 a green pepper
3.  Saute all of the above in a bunch of butter 'til golden and shimmery
4.  Blend (a blender full) up some fresh tomatoes in water (making a tomato puree)
5.  Add the blended tomato puree mixture into the vegetable mix, along with a couple cans of tomato sauce, some tomato paste, a few canfuls of water and a few spoonfuls of powdered chicken stock (just use common sense with measurements)
6.  Let all of this cook down for about an hour or so, til golden and a deep, rich red color
7.  Taste to make sure its properly seasoned (the chix stock adds a lot of salt)...add salt and ground pepper to taste.
8.  Thinly slice some corn tortillas and fry them in a pan of sizzling vegetable oil 'til they're golden brown
9.  In a bowl, crush some of the fried tortillas, add a couple ladels of the soup, and garnish with shredded white cheese, sliced avacado, fresh cilantro, sour cream and more crumbled fried corn tortillas.

*Make sure to dig to the bottom of the bowl for the half crunchy/half soggy tortillas~YUM!



Well I think we need to plan that cook-off!


PLEASE post something everyday. It's really all i have to look forward to.


Does little Timmy wanna have a cook-off in the near future?
Bring it on~


Mmmmmm...Timmy's favorite soup! Now I have to make it! He makes it himself now and claims his is better than your :)

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