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Gingerbread Cinnamon Cake with Whipped Cream~

Dscf3148_1Every time I come home to Tennessee, me and my mom whip out the big, fat, fire engine red Kitchen Aid mixer and blast out a recipe or two.  Last night, I was flipping through a Country Home magazine and happened across a super easy recipe for Gingerbread Cinnamon Cake with Whipped Cream and we decided to dive in.  I am always in utter shock that my mom has all of the ingredients for any given baking recipe in stock the pantry.  My pantry is so desolate and random, I'm amazed when I call out the ingredient list and she's like, "Yep, we have ginger.  Yep, we have shortening.  Yep, we have nutmeg."  Jesus, it's like a normal kitchen, with ingredients and supplies.  Anyway, we quickly made this lovely little cake and though I almost burned it and I think the shortening was possibly purchased back in '73, it turned out to be a nice little snack.  When I cut the first piece, I totally ignored all of the edges and sliced out the very easy equivalent of four normal pieces.  It was just plain good stuff.  Next time, though, I'm gonna have to monitor the dates on the turned out to be pretty crumbly, but still good, mind you.  It did inspire me, though, to race back home to Chicago and flip out on my pantry.  I guess there are just some necessities that are needed to continue forward into winter.  Stay tuned~
Oh, and I will admit, that I get a little slap happy with the ingredients in baking...meaning that I rarely measure, I just sling in the various ingredients and hope it all turns out good.  Maybe that's why it was a little crumbly.  But, I still blame the shortening.


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