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Dscn0107This past spring, I did a full 7k road trip from Chicago to the tip of Baja, and if you've never done that, I must recommend it.  There are awesome little hotels like this one the Baja Cactus Motel in desolate El Rosario) along the way that are about $30 per night and make for perfect pit stops (try full move in).  For some reason today, I can't seem to get Mexico out of my head (again) and I've hatched a new plan.  Why not road trip all the way down through Central America?  Surely, it cannot be that hard and with winter fast approaching, why not?  All you need is a vehicle (an SUV is best, because you can live out of it, if needed), a bit of dough (it's cheap as hell there, though) and some time on your hands.  The stories, mishaps, adventures, and madness that would spill out of that trip.  Guaranteed, you'd probably not want to come back to the US. 
By the way, I love Baja...if you want to read about my crazy adventures down there last spring filming a TV show, "Tracking Expats", click here.   That country just gets into your bones, for sure.


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