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Bear Naked Granola~Hell Yeah, It's Worth the $6 Bones

Dscf3090_3The very best granola creation is made by a company called Bear Naked and I cannot seem to get enough of their goods.  I know that Whole Foods sells all the varieties of their brand, but the other day, I wandered into Southport Grocery and Cafe and was delighted to find that they were fully stocked as well.  If you're a granola fiend like me, you'll appreciate the consistency of the Bear Naked brand of granola; it's not crunchy, it's not too sweet...it's a little soft and chewy, sorta like a super soft cookie...meaning, easy to chow by the handful.  I've attacked all of the granola bulk bins at Whole Foods, but this is way superior than any crunch WF is offering...though I have heard that Milk & Honey Cafe has a really great version (they also have some rockin' tuna fish).  I like to take this granola (the blue bag), pour a bunch in a bowl, toss on some Fage Greek yogurt (Trader Joe's has the best deal for all you Fage addicts) and  honey, plus some chopped Fuji apples...you have never tasted anything so sublime~



Brian has it right. Crapola! cranberry/apple granola is fantastic. I wish I could find a way to get my hands on it easier and faster than making a trip to Northern Minnesota.


There's a new granola out that is superior to Bear Naked (and all others I've tried so far). It's called Crapola! (cranberry apple granola). Check it out


I agree completely with this being the best granola I've ever had the opportunity to eat at breakfast or as an early lunch.

You can also find it at Jewel for under $6 (I found it at the Ashland and Roosevelt location) and also at Caputo's on Harlem for about $4.75, However, the two bags I bought at Caputo's were possibly stale, or at least without the soft chewiness that makes it unique.

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