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They Call it a Parmesean Sweet Cheese Cake

Dscf3128I can officially say that today, I tasted something that my world weary (but still learning and accepting) tastebuds have never tasted; a moist, Salvadoran sweet cheese cake made with parmesan cheese.  The first bite was so shocking...I didn't really expect the tangy influence of parmesan cheese to take over the cake, but it did.  It was served barely (and just enough) warmed and was soft like sponge cake, but also reminded me of cornbread, with a sprinkling of crunchy sugar specks on top.  It was also remniscient of an Italian olive oil bread (it had that sort of density) that I whipped up once from a Real Simple magazine recipe (I was convinced that I'd make millions off that lifted recipe, but, sadly, it was never again duplicated).  Called pastel de alote, this poundcake-like treat is found at Restaurant El Salvador way down on 41st and Archer.  It is absolutley worth the haul, especially if you love the sweets like me (They also have my new favorite pupusa in the city; I've been on quite a journey with those corn cakes, lately.)  If they'd only had some hot chocolate, I'd have been  in Salvadoran heaven...but I'm sure if I'd swilled the chocolate, too, my afternoon nap would have lasted all damn night instead of the three hours that I claimed....rather, that claimed me.  After piles of El Salvadoran food, a coma comes on quick, trust me.



Mmmmmmm! That bread/cake IS quite good isn't it?! Especially when it comes straight out of the oven. It's a must to eat it right away... I just can't wait! I've tried it with a combination of cheeses. I love the combination of sweet and cheese! Heck, I just LOVE cheese!
An old family friend and his Mother own and run an little "hole-in-the-wall" Salvadorian restaurant and in the past I've
offered to help out (when needed) with the preparation of their fresh and delicious
100% authentic and 100% meals!

mark ciale

Hi, Misty. I just recently discovered the internet and food blogs, and more specifically yours, which I find very interesting. Do you ever have recipes for the dishes/cuisines you highlight? Cheers, Mark in Toronto, Canada

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