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Rooibos Caramel Red Tea...sooooo good~

Dscf3930_2There's nothing like new discoveries and my latest is South African Red Tea (thanks yet again to my friends at Whole Foods)!  I'm usually swilling mate (or my most recent favorite, Jasmine), but for some reason this little package of bright read tea caught my eye (re: the word caramel was screaming my name).  I was delighted to see little chunks of actual caramel mixed in with the tea...who knew?  Though it's caffeine free, it's still the perfect sipping tea, especially when I'm working my way through a major sugar craving (those come on about once every few hours).  Rooibos actually means "red bush" and is super rich in antioxidants.  In other words, every good for you--especially the caramel.  Yum~



I love Argo...lucky enough to have one of the shops down the street...Need to now go and try that flavor.

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