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Fillipo's Italian Feast

Dscf3932Finally....a real meal...
It's weird, when I eat out all the time, I get to where I almost can't stand it...and all I want is a home cooked meal.  And, when I don't eat out every day, and eat nothing but home cooked meals, I feel like I haven't eaten and really would just love a good meal (out, of course).  After weeks and weeks of being holed up in an edit suite working nutty hours and snacking on nothing but soup and delicious little peanut butter and orange marmalade roll-ups, I went out to dinner last night at Fillipo's, one of my favorite Italian restaurants (by Webster Place).  I love them because instead of bringing out just olive oil to go with the bread, they whip out this amazing concoction of olive oil, herbs, balsamic vinegar and grilled smears onto the crusty bread so well...They also let you pick and choose from the pasta portion of the menu and do halvsies.  Half four-mushroom pasta and half cream covered ravioli...not many places give you that freedom.  I guess what I'm really trying to say is--I'm still full...and only a great meal in a charming restaurant gives me this sense of belly peace.  Well, that...and a few glasses of pinot and a flourless chocolate cake with hazelnut gelato.  Mmmm.....


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