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The Field Museum: An Around-the-World Adventure

Dscf4096This past Saturday, I spent the day getting lost at the Field Museum.  I haven't been there in over five years and just wanted to see what I'd been missing.  I wandered in and out of every country, it seems, as they were featuring exhibits on everywhere from Kenya to the South Pacific to Egypt.  My favorite exhibit to hide out in was on the upper level and was called:  Plants of the World.  I was totally fascinated by all of the species of plants (it all goes back to food) that they had out, especially one on my favorite tea from South America, mate.  I also really dug the miniature exhibit they had on a tea plantation in Sri was so thorough and real, all the way down to fingernail sized people hauling bags of tea leaves way out in the fields.  I just ambled about and munched on my tofurky (spicy Italian is my favorite) sandwich and Chilean grapes that I'd smuggled in and imagined what life would be like sippin' some tea in Sri Lanka.  Guess I just gotta go now~



hi, i just wanted to say, i look forward to your food and drink articles! i live in the st louis area, and drive up to chicago area when i can. i also love your pictures of the item..keep up the great work! fred t

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