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Turquoise Cafe Brunch-Best deal around

Dscf3345There's a super-cute little Turkish restaurant in my Roscoe Village 'hood called Turquoise Cafe that I head to pretty frequently.   I used to go only for dinner (they have this dish called manti that is literally's little ravioli's filled with a speck of lamb and they're all doused in a creamy yogurt sauce with hot chili oil.... Christ!)...Anyway--I kept forgetting that they have Sunday brunch 'til recently when I rolled past looking for somewhere to eat.  It's pretty insane what they call a Sunday brunch.  You basically just sit down and they start plowing out with plate after plate of different egg dishes (one with sausage, one scrambled, one with marinara), potatoes, mixed green salad, warm homemade sesame bread with honey and butter, Turkish crepes, and this noodle casserole that is so soft and loaded with feta tea or coffee and fruit.  I'm sure there are other things that I'm forgetting, but for $'ll be blown away.  Especially since they start you out with a glass of champagne.  Try not to get too full on the's very easy to do--and, is never really crowded on Sundays--gotta love it~


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