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Dscf4228Every time I go home to Tennessee, it's as if I can magically cook again.  No recipes, no timetables, just slinging together whatever ingredients are in the house and coming up with something awesome.  There's something about Chicago that almost forces me to eat out all the time (just sooo many places to eat) and when I go home, I never even leave the mountain, much less eat out.  I made this yummy dish last time I was home and it's a total rip off my friend Chezne's most famous dish--which is a rip off of the famous Italian dish--Penne alla Checca.  I just made mine while grain pasta and tossed in some mozzarella right at the end.  Just crazy delicious.
Here's the recipe:

All amounts are guesstimates--total guesstimates.  But, you can't go wrong---just keep adding whatever seems to be lacking in flavor.

Mix together 5-6 diced tomatoes (and their juice), a huge wad of chopped basil, 4-5 cloves of diced fresh garlic, 1/2 cup+ of really good olive oil, and a little tomato juice (it makes it all cling to the pasta better).

Let this mixture marinate for about an hour or so---the longer the better.

Boil up some noodles (the whole grain kind are really chewy and  delicious,  but this recipe works well with angel hair, bow tie, spaghetti, whatever) and drain.

Combine pasta with sauce and toss well.

Add fresh mozzarella across the top and broil for a few minutes, until just melted.

You can also toss on some fresh Parmesan cheese and more fresh basil when serving. 
Pantry kitchen cooking at its finest.


fred taylor

Sounds and looks great! I think i could even cook this! Thanks,,,,

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