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Perfect Oatmeal for Low Dollars

Dscf0164I have located the most perfect bowl of homemade oatmeal in the city.  I know that's a mighty big claim, but there are many reasons why this one sits at the top of my oatmeal list.
1.  It's really homemade AND made to order--so many b'fast joints use instant, which is just crapola
2.  It's made with whole milk--which of course makes it creamier and thicker
3. It comes with a side of brown sugar, super-soft butter, and heavy whipping cream--who else give you whipping cream?
4.  Cost--$, that's a steal.  This same bowl would be almost double that at trendier b'fast haunts.
5.  I just love the little diner.  I discovered this bowl at an adorable new breakfast/lunch place on Western and Fullerton called Cornerstone Cafe.  Very cozy and warm.
They've been renovating the place forever and finally opened up this past week.  It's a way better deal (and vibe) than the Golden Nugget across the street, plus the folks who own it are really sweet and open to suggestions.
6.  There is a great big flat screen TV positioned on the wall so you can get all the news.   I guess I love **This oatmeal is like one big ole delicious cookie once you mix all the toppings in...just the way my mom makes it.


Gourmet Mama

Not really a huge fan of oatmeal. But this one looks kinda nice and has a lot of stuff in it. I love oatmeal cookies but I can't seem to stomach oatmeal on its own.

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