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Target Sells Pierogies? You Betcha~

Dscf0201I know this will sound totally crazy, but Target has some of the best frozen pierogie that I've come across.  I would usually never buy food from Target, but when I happened across these potato and cheese filled Polish pierogie, I had to give them a go.  They're super easy to make:  You literally just put some butter in a pan and fry them for five minutes on both sides.  I, of course, slam some Greek cheese yogurt and applesauce all over them and eat the entire box.  They are just that good...crispy, buttery and so oozing with soft potato and gooey cheese.  I almost had a heart attack when I tasted the first one....but I had to stop buying them---really, no stomach can handle a dozen pierogies in one sitting.  I guess it's called "restraint."  Well, good luck with these little gems.


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