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Tony's Burrito Mex: Late Night Mexican Delights

Dscf0131It's time to give my favorite late-night Mexican haunt some props.  Tony's Burrito Mex is right on the corner of Damen and Belmont and has been on my favorites list for some time now...who knows why I've never given them their due...but finally, I was in there the other night chowin' down with some friends and it hit me--this is just damn good food!  I always get the exact same thing:  cheese quesadilla (with cilantro and sour cream), chips and salsa, french fries with nacho cheese (their fries are the skinny kind and friggin' delicious--it is IMPOSSIBLE to eat just one at a time), bean and cheese dip, and a big cinnamony horchata to wash it all down with.  My bud Chezne was craving a chile relleno and of course, it was absolutely cheesy and spicy and perfect in every way a chile relleno should be (how I managed to restrain myself from eating the whole thing off her plate is beyond me).  I just adore this joint because the help is so friendly, the food is insanely cheap ($14 for all three of us to stuff our faces--and my pal Lisa raves about the pork tacos), it's close to home, there's always a booth available, they keep late hours, and everything is consistently good.  It's the ideal place to eat when you've had one too many or are too lazy to cook.  So, you see, I'm there quite often.


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