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The Best Little Coffeehouse in Town~

Dscf0804_1Though I am EXTREMELY hesitant to give this tip away, I have a new favorite cafe.  It's a super-charming, brick-walled coffee shop attached to a nifty mini-market smack in the middle of Humboldt Park.  They serve delicious sandwiches and little pizzas, creamy lattes and my top choice--big bowls of vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries and whipped cream ($2).  Except for the lunch rush, the place is deserted and it's such a calm oasis for those that like peace and quiet when they work on their laptops (ummm, me).  The Wi-Fi is free and very fast and you can literally sit all day long without ever feeling like you've overstayed your welcome.  The name? I said, I'm terrified to tell you, lest you populate it with crowds every day.  Well, all right---I'm only givin' it up because I never want them to close (they've been open less than a year).  It's called New Life Cafe.  Now, good luck finding the address!!!  Oh, the manager also whips up a mean batch of pies;  I'm dying to try the coconut cream...


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