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Cortado, Cortado, Cortado

Dscf0890Right now, I'm overseas working for the next month and a half and I've just discovered what will get me thru the shoots...a little drink called the cortado.  Usually I don't drink coffee at all, but when you work in production, sometimes, you need a bolt of mad energy at the 24th hour.  The cortado is very much like my favorite coffee drink--a cafe con leche (pictured, right).  EXCEPT that it is literally cut in half.  SO imagine a tiny shot galss full of espresso and then topped with just a splash of milk (cortado means "cut"-- as in cut in half).  It is so delicious and somehow, even though it is much smaller in size, I have been tossing in the same amount of sugar as I would with my cafe con leche.  Old habits never really die, I guess. 


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