Cortado, Cortado, Cortado

Minty Moroccan Green Tea~

Dscf1004_1Today I discovered the most sublime mint green tea. I was wandering through a funky side of town when I happened across a tiny market full of creative artists.  They were all hawking homemade bits and pieces and plopped just at the end of the sun-splashed set-up was a Moroccan family with their whole shindig splayed out on the plaza.  They were selling veggie samosas and honey-drenched pastries galore and for just about a dollar, you could wash it all done with this super-sugary tea.  They poured heavy from silver teapot that was about a foot up in the air and  when I had my first sip, I was done.  It was already laden with many teaspoons of sugar and tons of fresh mint and made me realize how much I've been missing tea (thanks, cafe con leche addiction~).  I bought some of the tea (a Chinese gunpowder blend) and can't wait to get back home to whip it up Moroccan-style!


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