Minty Moroccan Green Tea~
Grilled Tomato Bread w/ Olive Oil y Garlic


Dscf1035Though I spent the entire weekend working, I somehow managed to eat more sweets in 48 hours than I have in all of 2006.  I partook in no less that a half dozen croissants (some plain, a few glazed with sugar and  my favorite, the ones stuffed with chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar); buttery crepes smeared with oodles of honey and a squeeze of lemon; double chocolate tart; sugar-sprinkled churros (fresh from the gigantic vat of oil bubbling in the background) AND bigger mama churros stuffed with dulce de leche; pistachio and coconut gelato with a little wafer cookie; and then the  motherload that went down today--a giant brownie (with nuts and raisins) and creamy vanilla gelato.  Man, I've gotta get a handle on this addiction and fortunately, I think I have totally OD'ed on the sugar.  I was walking to get some dinner earlier and saw an apple pastry in a brightly lit window---I could have hurled.  It's a new day, kids---it's a new day~


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