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One More Round of Paul Bakery

Dscf1142_1I got an email (with lovely wrap party photos) today from Alaina, one of the best PA's I've ever had.  She worked with me side-b y-side in Spain for almost 2 months and was my partner-in-crime when it came to my daily Paul Bakery runs.  As soon as early afternoon hit, we'd know it was ready for a run to Paul, the best bakery in Barcelona.  Thank God it was just around the corner from our hotel/production office--this chocolate treat (photo, right) was one of my favorites and I can honestly say that I tried every single sweet, baked good, tart, cake, and flaky breaded thingy in the case.  At lunchtime, they would whip out these awesome salads and sandwiches and I'd get so excited every day to pick out a new round of desserts for the office---I promise, this is the last time I'm talking about Paul, but just, really---thanks, Alaina for  the flashback...



You know, even though Paul is a chain (they've even got some locations in Florida!), it's a damned good chain.

I wish they'd start popping up like starbucks. Maintaining their current level of quality, of course.

At their locations in paris (and maybe elsewhere) they do a fantastic camembert sandwich on a sesame baguette.

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