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African Snack Called Chi-Chi: Ever Hard of It?

Dscf0931A while back, I was trekking all over the city doing research for an article I was writing about African food.  Time and time again, I'd come across this interesting snack in the African grocery stores called Chi-Chi.  Now, I'm a big snack girl, especially when it comes to sweets and finally I couldn't take it any I bought a bag for about a dollar.  Though there were versions that seem to be more mass produced, the one I purchased was in a little plastic sack with a homemade label on it--looks like somebody named Connie made it.  After tasting it, I was so happy that I'd was a crispy crunchy little biscuit like treat (they call it natural and healthy...yeah, right) made from nothing that can possibly be good for you (sugar, butter and flour namely).  But, it was so good.  I've tried doing research about Chi-Chi on line and have found nothing--and I mean absolutely nothing.  It was all over the local African/Carib food marts, so I'm wondering why there in no intel about it online.  Just another RTW secret, I guess~!




you are not finding any info. because it was misspelt. it is called chin - chin and here is a recipe

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