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Freakin' over Frasca Pizzeria & Wine Bar {From The Raving Dish}

Dscf1539 I'm usually the last person to try the new place that everyone else is raving about. I like to unearth little gems all on my own, and when there is mad talk about a trendy new restaurant, I quickly lose interest. So it's not too surprising that it's taken me a while to try Frasca Pizzeria & Wine Bar, 3358 N. Paulina.

Oh, I've walked past it a million times on my way to the gym and Whole Foods, and even peeking in the doors a couple of times when they were putting the finishing touches on the beautiful woodwork (all right, I full on scooted around the large dining room while the construction crew was on lunch break). But once all the glowing reviews poured in, the sense of discovery was shot and I avoided the joint like the plague...until last weekend, when Lisa and I could stand it no longer and had to see what all the talk was about (really, I was just dying for a nice glass of wine and we happened to be walking by).

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Homemade Pesto Done Right~

Dscf1558Yesterday, I went on a mad cooking spree.  It's been a long time since I've spent that much time in my kitchen whipping up a bunch of goodies--but I can now say I have a couple of new favorite recipes.  I made the most incredible green beans with pine nuts, olive oil and lemon zest (I guess I get weirded out by long green beans so I cut them in small, angled pieces and it made all the difference in the world).  But, best of all was the pesto that I made from my Slow Food cookbook (thanks, DebPep!).  It is litereally the best pesto I have ever tasted and took about 10 minutes to make--easy/peasy.  I roasted some potaotes, onions and carrots to the point of near carmelization and could not stop dunking the veggies in the pesto--what an awesome treat!  Here's the quick recipe for pesto--

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22 Minutes Ain't Nothing~~

Dscf3707Okay, I'm making this the last post about my great new TV show, Craving Adventure, that just aired on the Travel Channel.  I want to thank every single person who sent me all those awesome emails about how much they enjoyed the show and I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing it is to know that there are more folks out there who travel (or hanker to travel) the way I do.  Also, I have a strong suspicion that Little Corn Island is gonna get very popular soon and all the peeps from the show are gonna be recognized (after all they are the locals).  And, 22 some odd minutes really didn't allow me to do justice to the friendly people I met along the way who took me into their homes, showed me their family recipes and paraded me through their organic gardens.  I ran across the most wonderful, smiling bunch of people and I hate that not all of them made the show---trust me, though it's not because they weren't naturals on camera---it was all just a timing thing.  And, yes!  for everyone who has asked, LCI really is that lovely and that cheap.  I hope some of you venture on down to Nicaragua and find your own patch of paradise in the Caribbean.  Have a mojito at Twyla's for me, please!  Hell, make it TWO!
p.s.  It didn't make the show, but the mojitos at Casa Iguana are out of this world.   It was a top secret recipe though and rightly so...I knocked back a few dozen during my stay and I'm sure you will too.

Craving Adventure Airs on Travel Channel!!!

082406bmg_s1Here is a great piece that our awesome post team put together---this is directly from Screen Magazine.

The Journey, Not The Destination: Fatcake Productions Teams With Bridges Media Group On “Craving Adventure”

“Craving Adventure,” a television show from Chicago’s Fatcake Productions, is scheduled to air on The Travel Channel Thursday, August 24, at 8:00 PM CST. The food adventure show follows vivacious host Misty Tosh to exotic locations around the globe as she samples indigenous dishes.

Fatcake Productions tapped the team at Bridges Media Group (BMG, Chicago) for creative editorial as well as graphic elements, including the show’s intro, titles and lower-thirds. BMG and Fatcake worked in tandem for three months to create the 30-minute pilot.

"It was super-important for us to work with all our local vendors on this pilot for The Travel Channel – especially where post was concerned,” says Tosh, who also served as producer, writer and director on the show.

“We needed a post team that was wildly creative and rocked at graphics,” she adds. “Most importantly, they had to understand the way Fatcake rolls – long hours, mad creativity and late night drinks at the bar...BMG fit that description to a T."

Producers at the Travel Channel were impressed with the strength of Fatcake’s initial concept. They decided to skip normal pilot procedures for the show, which was completed in April of 2006, and go straight to on-air.

In the inaugural episode, Tosh travels to Little Corn Island, Nicaragua, and discovers the best place to sample Rondon soup, mojitos and hand-slung coconut bread. Then she goes to the Caribbean where she hunts for barracuda and learns to filet it with a machete.

“Misty is so personable and outgoing – she isn’t afraid of anything,” says BMG Creative Director Christian Robins. “Her personality is the reason why this show is so entertaining.”

For the production, the Fatcake crew traveled to Little Corn Island for a week and came back with 28 hours of footage. “This is only a half-an-hour show, so when the footage arrived I was really excited to start cutting down the 28 hours into 22 minutes,” says Senior Editor John Polk.

“The Fatcake crew got so much great footage on the production that toward the end it became very difficult for us to choose the best shots for each scene.”

BMG’s motion graphics team, led by Robins, went through many different styles for the intro and the titling before narrowing their choices down to one.

“Misty had an artist create these very detailed maps of Little Corn Island using watercolor,” says Robins. “When we got them we played around with them until we created some really nice compositions that accented the energy and vibe of the show.”

“This was an invaluable experience for all of us here at BMG,” added Polk. “We love to collaborate with other creative people in the business to turn out great content. This show is a great example of creative collaboration and we all had a little bit of fun in the process.”

“Craving Adventure” airs on The Travel Channel on Thursday, August 24 at 8:00 PM CST and Friday, August 25 at 11:00 PM CST.

Dispatch from about "Craving Adventure"

Imgp2749_1Travel Channel to air Misty Tosh’s food show shot on remote Caribbean island

After more than a year in the works, filmmaker Misty Tosh’s pilot for a half-hour spontaneous food/adventure show will air on the Travel Channel Aug. 24-25.

“Craving Adventure” was shot in Nicaragua’s remote Little Corn Island, “a mere speck of an island in the middle of the Caribbean,” over eight days in December, 2005.

Tosh is justifiably excited that the pilot got a slot on the Travel Channel. The pilot evolved from a five-minute demo Tosh’s Fatcake Productions shot in Yelapa, Mexico and sent to the Travel Channel more than a year ago.

The show was originally called “Stuffed,” said Tosh, “but the name was taken so we renamed it ‘Craving Adventure,’” which is really a more apt name for Tosh’s love of food, adventure and travel, “the core of my existence.”

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Taking the Passion to TV {From The Raving Dish}

Dscf3656 Ever since I started out in the entertainment industry a decade or so ago in the wilds of Los Angeles, I knew I was destined to be deeply ensconced in the food/adventure world. However I could translate that—through writing, television, photography or just plain-old solo travel, I've always wanted to have a spoon in the pot of the kitchens of the world.

That passion is pretty well matched by my mad passion for spontaneous travel. I've spent my life jammin' off to remote villages every time I get enough frequent flyer miles or come off a job with enough dough saved to spend a month backpacking across the mountain towns of Europe.

When you co-mingle my food explorations with my spy-like investigative nature, you've got the makings of a television show. At least that's what my crazy partners in my production company, Fatcake Productions, and I thought when we decided to create a TV show about my travel MO a few years ago (starring me, if you can believe it).

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Fatcake's New Food/Adventure TV Show Airs on Travel Channel 8/24 at 8PM/CST

Imgp2824_3Just wanna letcha know that a show I've been working on with my Fatcake team for a long time is finally airing on Travel Channel next week!

It's been a long time in the making, but finally, the Travel Channel just announced that our food/adventure/travel television show - filmed on Little Corn
Island,  Nicaragua- will be airing in prime time on:

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Craving Adventure airs:
8 p.m. Central Time
9 p.m. East Coast Time
9 p.m. Pacific Time

***If you miss it, it reairs on
Friday, August 25th @ 11 PM/CST

The official Travel Channel description is~

Craving Adventure:
Misty Tosh visits Little Corn Island, Nicaragua and discovers the best place to
sample rondon soup, minty mojitos, and hand-slung coconut bread. Then she is off to
the Caribbean where she hunts for barracuda and learns to filet it with a machete.

But, in Fatcake terminology:
Misty shows up on some wildly tropical island, gets hammered, slams down some fish
head stew, rips apart a wild barracuda and stuffs her face with homemade coconut bread.

We’ll be airing following the crazy popular Samantha Brown’s TV show—“Passport to
Europe with Samantha Brown" and you can see the actual Travel Channel listing at this
shortcut link:
For all you foodies who love adventure travel, this show was designed just for you.  I literally plop down in remote villages around the world (all on a budget, of course), find food at its source and somehow wrangle my way into a local's kitchen and get them to teach me how to cook it.  As you guys know, food always leads to adventure and this episode, I am kickin' it in Nicaragua (in the picture above, I just discovered hand-slung coconut pies being whipped up on the beach--look at that oven!)
Make sure to check it out or just simply tivo it--can I just tell you, the most bizarro thing ever is tivo'ing myself.  Wow.

African Snack Called Chi-Chi: Ever Hard of It?

Dscf0931A while back, I was trekking all over the city doing research for an article I was writing about African food.  Time and time again, I'd come across this interesting snack in the African grocery stores called Chi-Chi.  Now, I'm a big snack girl, especially when it comes to sweets and finally I couldn't take it any I bought a bag for about a dollar.  Though there were versions that seem to be more mass produced, the one I purchased was in a little plastic sack with a homemade label on it--looks like somebody named Connie made it.  After tasting it, I was so happy that I'd was a crispy crunchy little biscuit like treat (they call it natural and healthy...yeah, right) made from nothing that can possibly be good for you (sugar, butter and flour namely).  But, it was so good.  I've tried doing research about Chi-Chi on line and have found nothing--and I mean absolutely nothing.  It was all over the local African/Carib food marts, so I'm wondering why there in no intel about it online.  Just another RTW secret, I guess~!

Making Spanish Pan Con Tomato

Dscf1129No matter where you go in Spain, pan con tomato is everywhere.  The best brunch ever is two hyper-yellow fried eggs, oodles of pan con tomato and a big chilly glass of tart sangria. Making pan con tomato is easier than you can imagine.  Some folks toast the bread and some don't; personally, I like my bread lightly toasted.  To make the wildly refreshing tomato sauce they smear over the bread you have to abide by a little-known secret.  The key is to GRATE the tomato.  Who the hell knew?  Take a bunch of ripe tomatoes and grate them like you would cheese on the cheese grater.  Then, toss in a little salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic powder--and let it sit for a spell...and then done and done!  After you lightly toast the sliced baguette, smear on the tomato and the awesome thing is, no matter how long it sits, you are still a-okay.  The tomatoes just soaks deep down into the tiny holes in the bread, making for a deliciously crunchy/soggy/fruity/oily treat.  Easy-peasy~~

Cradle of Flavor~New Book With Food From The Spice Islands

Kqedcradleofflavor_3The very best food that I have ever had in the entire world was in Bali.  You've not really eaten until you've sampled street food down the back alleys of the tiny villages in Bali.  I've craved the meals I devoured there ever since I got back earlier this year and I just got this awesome new travelogue/cookbook in the mail.  This writer and food lover James Oseland traveled all over South East Asia for years watching home cooks whip up every special meal they've spent lifetimes perfecting.  Everything from nasi goreng to wild spinach (essentially weeds from rice patties), the treats coming out from this book are in a word-awesome.  There are also fantastic photos of all the herbs, spices and exotic ingredients they use over in that part of the world with great descriptions.  I'm definitely heading back to that part of the world very soon...once it gets in your blood, there is no other escape like it~