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Veggie Sausage @ The Lake Side Cafe

Dscf1648There are some mornings when I wake up thinking, My God!  I could eat a pound of bacon...unfortunately, I cant bring myself to do it anymore (all those poor little pigs), but what I can do is slam a handful of the awesome veggie sausages at one of my fave vegan eateries, Lake Side Cafe.  This little gem of a place has some of the best veggie links and the line is nothing like Victory Banner.  I raved about their veggie polish sausage and now that I'm moving to the 'hood (E. Rogers Park)--really just a few blocks away--I'm gonna have to try every single thing on their menu.  They also have those crazy cheap vegetarian cooking classes ($15 each) and just a good, positive vibe rolling around.  Time to flip out and get healthy, no???


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